Helping our local community

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Volunteers opportunities for NGO Projects.

We are a small organization,looking forward volunteers to help us in our grass root level projects. For further details and information regarding our projects ,please visit us. http://www.wahoecommune.orgMathilde from Belgium is teaching students in shiri village.


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Apple Valley, Wahoe commune

It is one of our remotest project in Trans-Himalayan Region providing basic education to Nepalese immigrants children.It is located 100 kms approx. North east of Shimla town.It is one of the amazing valley with beautiful landscapes,high mountains ,gurgling streams and heritage temples.Our main objective is to educate these immigrants children,so that in future they can get new opportunities in their life.we appreciate volunteers to come forward and help us in this task.We really need volunteer support because we are very small organization working for local masses.Image                                             Apple Valley Child Education Project