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RECOVER NEPAL: we need volunteers now

Dear Volunteers,

The last time we said that volunteers wouldn’t be a help in Nepal but now we need any possible aid. If you seriously want to help and support you have the possibility to go either to the village Rasua, which was hit hard by the earthquake. There you could help with reconstructing and child education or you could go to Pokhara, were the nearby villages need help in any possible way.
Our office, from where we organise and support all the projects, is completely damaged due to the earthquake. That and of course the support of the rebuild and the projects is the reason why we need to ask for money in advance as well. Physical help is wonderful and now actually needed but to really help the projects to recover we need more.
So if you really want to help, if you really want to change something and if you are able to support the needy people with at least 600USD per months or even less time, we would love to welcome you in Kathmandu from where we would send you to one of the projects.
Let’s make the world a better place, or let’s make Nepal at least the place that it was before the earthquake.


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Sister projects with KYM, Volunteer opportunities: Digital Marketing

We here at our small office in Shimla are working towards getting our Pabbar Valley project off the ground. Because this is one of our new projects, we are aiming to promote it in every way possible and are looking for volunteers to help us with our digital marketing program. We need help to build our website and to improve our output on social media. We are also looking to build our profiles on volunteering websites to improve our outreach. All of this is important to us in order that we can allow Pabbar Valley the best possible opportunity for growth as a community. If you are able to spend some time in our office and help us with our digital program for 4-5 hours a day we would love to have you aboard! We really want to be able to use our digital outputs as best possible but need your help in order to achieve this.

Here is one of our volunteers from the UK doing some work on our website!


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Sister projects with KYM, Volunteer opportunities: Pabbar Valley

KYM is starting up a new project in the unspoiled region of Pabbar Valley. The area is rich in nature, culture and hill people. We, as a charitable NGO, are trying to help these people through a series of enriching projects that include education, social and agricultural awareness. The valley itself lies in a remote Northern location and is accessible from Shimla. We are aiming to bring more volunteers to this region in order to develop the skills of the villagers. We are also aiming to bring an aspect of tourism to the valley that will improve the industry available to the people who live here. It is a spectacular part of Himachal Pradesh and we hope that through our work we can begin to improve the lives of the people who inhabit it. We hope you will join us in this mission. For more information on our voluteer opportunites, life in Pabbar Valley and further insight into our organisation, please visit our websitehttp://www.pabbarvalley.com/ or contact us directly on valleypabbar@gmail.com.

You are always welcome to join us for as much time as you have available to give.