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Digital Marketing Opportunities

Today Lizzie leaves our office in Shimla to go to our village empowerment project in Pabbar Valley. She has been helping the team with digital marketing, which has involved improving our Facebook preseice on other social media. She has also beer improving our websites. We urgently need more volunteers to help in digital marketing, as it is vital to the growth of our NGO and therefore directly impacts the communities we help.Lizzie has been teaching Anjana how to manage the websites on the hope that she can continue her good work, but unfortunately Anjana and our other staff still need more training from volunteers. If you want to work in a fun , friendly environment in this beautiful town in the mountains, get in touch today.   lizzie1 lizzie


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Digital Marketing in Shimla

Lizzie from the UK has been with us for a week now, helping in our office with Digital Marketing. This has involved working behind the scenes of our many outputs; our main website, our Facebook pages, our blogs and twitter accounts. Working in the friendly office with the young staff (and the amazing views!) has been a really enjoyable experience and there have been lots of smiles all round. Lizzie has been working with our new face, Anjana, teaching her how to manage and improve the social media sites, in the hope that when she leaves Anjana will be able to continue her good work. They have had a great time together, and the constant laughter has made the hours fly by! Here are some snaps from their work together, as well as some of the sunsets taken on a road trip after office hours.

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Slum school Baljeet nagar,New Delhi

This is the first school run by Wahoe commune.It is located in the west part of the slums of Delhi.There are more than 30 unprivileged children getting free basic education. Local women are getting opportunities through our women empowerment programs to learn knitting,stitching and how to make jewellery. We are arrange a slum visit with local young people so that people gain awareness of our project and help us with their skills, kindness or financial support. In future we are planning to make three classrooms with one toilet for the children.Volunteers, travellers and yoga teachers are welcome to share this amazing local community with us. It is a world within a world,come and experience with Wahoe. 



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SH. Sunil Ji our Spirtual Teacher in Rishikesh

“Sh. Sunil Ji” leads our meditation programs and courses in Rishikesh. He is a spiritual person who has spent much of his life sharing wisdom with the community. We are proud to have him as a part of our organization”.

A student’s description of Sh. Sunil Ji:
“Sunil Ji has a way of presenting philosophy in simple, practical ways that pertain to every day life. I leave each program having peeled away a few more layers. It’s like coming home to my Self each time!” “Sunil Ji radiates spiritual energy [shakti] – every time I am around him I am lifted to a new level in my spiritual journey.”

“Sunil Ji programs always get me to examine the fundamental issues in my life, and recognize things I need to do to uncover my potential.”

For more information or to make a booking please visit our partner website here: http://www.wahoeyogameditation.org/index.html#

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Volunteering in Pabbar Valley with KPYM

Thank you to Lucy and Margot for the time you spent in Kumharla village in Pabbar Valley. Kumharla Pabbar Yuva Mandal  is grateful for your kindness and enthusiasm ! We are working with KPYM to provide volunteers for rural villages. Volunteers are important for these projects as they help in vital areas such as child education,women empowerment,community development and nature conservation.

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