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Our Wahoe Community has been celebrating several festivals,

the Teacher’s Day and the Birthdays of some of our volunteers. Students, Teachers, our Organizers and all the helpers would join together in a big group, and pay honors to our workers, on the teacher’s day.



20170905_165652Our teachers – who have been education kids for years now, and taking care of them.
The Organizers – who have planned the projects and built them from scratch, and donated lots of money to the organization.

And the students, for being so passionate about learning, and for doing their best to be a good part of the community, despite their poor conditions.




IMG_3905Kids always love celebrating new things, and are always happy to make a party or to get new presents from the volunteers.


The students would help organize the party, and celebrate by dancing or singing.
Recently we’ve celebrated the birthday of one of our volunteers.


IMG_3918We’ve got candies and cookies for the kids for the celebration, and honored our volunteer – Tiffani.
She became a regular donor to our cause, after volunteering in our Rishikesh Slum school, and she has helped us greatly in our time.





20170905_165712We are really thankful if anyone decides to donate something school related, like spelling books or drawing comics. It always makes children happy, and really helps us with education.





IMG_3324We always strive to make a better society, especially in places where people are struggling, due to unlucky circumstances, and we hope we can continue to do this for a long time in the future.






Author: Wahoe Commune

We are an NGO working towards better social, educational and environmental conditions for the underprivileged.

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