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Volunteering in Kumharla Village, Pabbar Valley

Our volunteer Lizzie has just returned from Kumharla Village in the Pabbar Valley. Here is her testimonial:

“The two weeks I spent in Kumharla village were absolutely magical and I simply didn’t want to leave. I spent the afternoons teaching English in the Primary School, and in the evenings I gave more English classes to teenagers from the Secondary School. When I wasn’t teaching I helped out in the home where I was staying with a variety of tasks from making chapatti (I’m an absolute pro now) and cutting grass in the fields for the winter.

The favourite part of my day was definitely the evenings when I went to the village (pulled up the mountain by the energetic kids who had followed me home after class) and was greeted by the lovely community. We played games, drank some chai, and then started class. I don’t have any photos from my evening classes because I was always far too busy to find a spare moment. There were normally between 10 – 15 students, ranging from approximately 12 years old to 18 years old. They have ‘learnt’ grammar at school (by copying from textbooks) but have not been taught it, so I made good progress with them explaining verbs, conjugations and tenses. They were fun classes with lots of laughter. I feel like I definitely helped them, but I really need more volunteers to go and carry on my work. It is so important for them to learn English if they want to be able to find work when they leave the villages and go to a town or city.

At the Primary School the standard of English education is very basic, so I built on this by covering topics such as colours, animals, parts of the body, expressions of mood and basic grammar. I was surprised by how quickly the children made progress, but once again I really need more volunteers to go to the village to keep up my work. This way, when they go to Secondary School they will be able to understand the syllabus, instead of just copying from their textbooks without learning. The children were so enthusiastic, but also very well behaved and extremely respectful. They always brought me food and insisted on carrying my things!

What made my stay in Kumharla Village so special was being part of the community. When I told my friends I was alone in a mountain village where no one speaks good English they asked me, ‘But aren’t you lonely?’ And I could honestly say I didn’t feel lonely once. The people are so warm and open, and the language barrier was no issue in me joining in on the laughs of their daily lives. I particularly liked the evening classes because I was able to bond with the teenagers, some of whom were only a few years younger than me, so I felt like I was surrounded by friends. One day it was a national holiday so we spent the day together in the mountains cutting grass in the sunshine, singing songs, with an amazing picnic. It was glorious!

If you want to volunteer for a project where you get real exposure to rural village life, and can honestly feel the difference you are making to people’s lives and futures, I ask you to please go to Kumharla! It would mean so much to me as well as to the fantastic people who live there.”

Here are some photos from Lizzie’s stay.

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Volunteering in Pabbar Valley with KPYM

Thank you to Lucy and Margot for the time you spent in Kumharla village in Pabbar Valley. Kumharla Pabbar Yuva Mandal  is grateful for your kindness and enthusiasm ! We are working with KPYM to provide volunteers for rural villages. Volunteers are important for these projects as they help in vital areas such as child education,women empowerment,community development and nature conservation.

margot food villagers picnic horses 2 temple

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Sister projects with KYM, Volunteer opportunities: Digital Marketing

We here at our small office in Shimla are working towards getting our Pabbar Valley project off the ground. Because this is one of our new projects, we are aiming to promote it in every way possible and are looking for volunteers to help us with our digital marketing program. We need help to build our website and to improve our output on social media. We are also looking to build our profiles on volunteering websites to improve our outreach. All of this is important to us in order that we can allow Pabbar Valley the best possible opportunity for growth as a community. If you are able to spend some time in our office and help us with our digital program for 4-5 hours a day we would love to have you aboard! We really want to be able to use our digital outputs as best possible but need your help in order to achieve this.

Here is one of our volunteers from the UK doing some work on our website!


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Sister projects with KYM, Volunteer opportunities: Pabbar Valley

KYM is starting up a new project in the unspoiled region of Pabbar Valley. The area is rich in nature, culture and hill people. We, as a charitable NGO, are trying to help these people through a series of enriching projects that include education, social and agricultural awareness. The valley itself lies in a remote Northern location and is accessible from Shimla. We are aiming to bring more volunteers to this region in order to develop the skills of the villagers. We are also aiming to bring an aspect of tourism to the valley that will improve the industry available to the people who live here. It is a spectacular part of Himachal Pradesh and we hope that through our work we can begin to improve the lives of the people who inhabit it. We hope you will join us in this mission. For more information on our voluteer opportunites, life in Pabbar Valley and further insight into our organisation, please visit our websitehttp://www.pabbarvalley.com/ or contact us directly on valleypabbar@gmail.com.

You are always welcome to join us for as much time as you have available to give.