Helping our local community

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Our Wahoe Community has been celebrating several festivals,

the Teacher’s Day and the Birthdays of some of our volunteers. Students, Teachers, our Organizers and all the helpers would join together in a big group, and pay honors to our workers, on the teacher’s day.



20170905_165652Our teachers – who have been education kids for years now, and taking care of them.
The Organizers – who have planned the projects and built them from scratch, and donated lots of money to the organization.

And the students, for being so passionate about learning, and for doing their best to be a good part of the community, despite their poor conditions.




IMG_3905Kids always love celebrating new things, and are always happy to make a party or to get new presents from the volunteers.


The students would help organize the party, and celebrate by dancing or singing.
Recently we’ve celebrated the birthday of one of our volunteers.


IMG_3918We’ve got candies and cookies for the kids for the celebration, and honored our volunteer – Tiffani.
She became a regular donor to our cause, after volunteering in our Rishikesh Slum school, and she has helped us greatly in our time.





20170905_165712We are really thankful if anyone decides to donate something school related, like spelling books or drawing comics. It always makes children happy, and really helps us with education.





IMG_3324We always strive to make a better society, especially in places where people are struggling, due to unlucky circumstances, and we hope we can continue to do this for a long time in the future.






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Children Education and Entertainment

We have a slum school in Baljeet Nagar, where we take care and educate struggling children. The ones that don’t have proper houses, enough food to eat, or have to do small scale work just to support themselves.
We provide education for kids aged 3 – 15
Kids learn children art, music, drawing, computer classes through online video and our teachers – Miss Preeti and Miss Lamba. Sometimes they watch a movie together and have a discussion about it in a group.
The classroom the kids study in are not in the best condition, but we really hope to improve this in near future, as all the kids are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. Most of these kids have never had any kind of education before this.

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Wahoe Commune

WAHOE  is an independent ,non political ,non religious registered NGO. Wahoe works to serve various communities through education and empowerment. Wahoe community is made up of volunteers ,social workers ,charity traveler planners,spiritual practitioners and musicians.


Wahoe is a chain which aims to help local communities in India and Nepal through its various programmes .We are offering many different ways of helping these people including travel,Yoga,Meditation ,School of leaning Education,Wahoe base cafes,Souvenirs ,conservation ,health and social programs.It is a place where everyone of every cast, color and creed  is accepted.


We are very grateful to the many translators and volunteers who contribute  many hours of their time to supporting Wahoe’s work and we want more volunteers for our project .




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Certificate of Appreciation

Thank you Lizzie for the time you spent in Kumharla village in Pabbar Valley.We are grateful for your kindness and enthusiasm ! We are working with KPYM to provide volunteers for rural villages. Our NGO gave a certificate of appreciation to our Volunteers who played important role for these projects as they help in vital areas such as child education,women empowerment,community development and nature conservation.


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Digital Marketing Opportunities

Today Lizzie leaves our office in Shimla to go to our village empowerment project in Pabbar Valley. She has been helping the team with digital marketing, which has involved improving our Facebook preseice on other social media. She has also beer improving our websites. We urgently need more volunteers to help in digital marketing, as it is vital to the growth of our NGO and therefore directly impacts the communities we help.Lizzie has been teaching Anjana how to manage the websites on the hope that she can continue her good work, but unfortunately Anjana and our other staff still need more training from volunteers. If you want to work in a fun , friendly environment in this beautiful town in the mountains, get in touch today.   lizzie1 lizzie

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Everyday the climate of Delhi is getting down so this is to inform our volunteers who are coming to India and will stay in Delhi should bring warm clothes with them.It is foggy and cold,trains are delayed so please updated every day about their situations to make things easy.This information is for our volunteers who are coming to different projects across India.enjoy winter and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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We with our small initiative in Rishikesh,are happy to present our local handwoven products,jewellery,postcards and other souvenirs.Lot of people visited our place,look at our brochures about our volunteering opportunities,responsible travel and yoga meditation courses.Our staff and members were working long hours to help them.Moreover it was good start.